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STEM Program

About Our S.T.E.M. Program:

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education at Whispering Wind Academy consists of students in grades K through 6 experiencing STEM not only in their classrooms but they also attend a specialized STEM Lab environment.

The STEM Lab, utilizing NGSS framework, is a project/problem-based program that is a hands-on integration of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math. Examples of some of the experiences: 

  • K - Concepts of Magnetism, Classroom connections to Letter learning (Can you think of a better way to write letter learning?), Engineering in relation to Fairy Tale stories
  • 1st - Engineering straw bridges to withstand weight, engineering wood houses to withstand the wind and experimentation with Light and Color
  • 2nd - Engineering straw bridges to withstand weight, engineering wood houses to withstand the wind, Concepts of Sink and Float and engineering of the circulatory system
  • 3rd - Development and Construction of an electrical cardboard guitar and implementing our own variable tested plant experiment
  • 4th - Engineering of Hydraulically Powered Drawbridges and Electricity and Engineering of Lighthouses, Cardboard dollhouses or circuit board games.
  • 5th - Engineering of wooden lamp clocks, discussion of solar energy, Concepts of Simple Machines
  • 6th - Mummification of tomatoes, developing and constructing wooden gumball machines, paper roller coasters and Genotype and Phenotype of Wisconsin Fast growing plants.