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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Arrival and Departure

Safety of each and every child in our building is of upmost importance. In an effort to provide for the safety of each child, there is playground supervision thirty minutes before school begins. Students should not arrive at school more than thirty minutes before school begins and should leave promptly at dismissal time. Parents of students who arrive too early on a regular basis will be contacted to resolve this situation.
Before and after school programs are available for families that need extended care for their children.  Please contact (602) 449-7300 for more information.

All students who are late for school must enter through the front lobby doors, and report to the office for a tardy pass. 

Parking Lot Safety 

For the safety of all our students, all vehicles entering our parking lots must pull into a parking space. Do not stop your vehicle in the center of the lot. If you find the parking lot to be full, please use the 43rd Street curbing. Anyone who is not parked in a parking spot will be asked to move by an adult supervising the safety of Whispering Wind students. We appreciate your efforts to help insure the safety of our students as they arrive and depart our school.

If you are picking up your child in the Student Drop-off / Pick-up lane in the back of the school, never leave your car unattended. You must park in a designated space in the front of the school, if you wish to leave your car unattended for even a moment.

If you are picking your student up from one of our parking lots we ask that you not wave your child to walk across the Student Drop-off / Pick-up lane. If necessary, come out of your car, cross at the crosswalk, and come on campus. Retrieve your child, and return to the parking lot together for your child's safety. 

Please cross the Student Drop-off / Pick-up lane at a marked crossing. We are trying to teach the children to never to cross the loading lane or enter the parking lot unassisted without an adult and to always use the crossing lanes.

Campus Visit Procedures

We Welcome Visitors to Whispering Wind! 

For the SAFETY AND SECURITY of all our students, all exterior doors will be locked during school hours with the exception of the front entrance doors leading into the office lobby. All parents and visitors must enter through these doors, report to the office, sign in, wear a "Visitor" Pass while in building. This is true of students who are late for school also.

Parents are encouraged to visit our school whether to observe a class program, conference with a teacher or principal, or to volunteer your services. Before visiting a classroom, however, please make arrangements with the teacher in advance. You are still required to report to the front office, our Receptionist will contact the teacher upon your arrival. Meeting to conference with the teacher while classes are in session is inappropriate, and discouraged. It is expected that your visit will not interrupt the normal days' classroom activities, this is for the protection of your child, and is required by State law.