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About Our School

Whispering Wind Academy serves students in grades K-6. Its top priority is to create a safe, clean, and orderly learning environment that fosters success. The school believes in establishing high expectations and maintaining instructional leadership with a clear and focused mission. 

The approach to learning involves frequent monitoring of student performance and active, direct instruction that provides ample opportunities for growth. Whispering Wind values partnerships between home and school and strives to establish active collaborations that benefit students. As a PBIS school, there is a focus on positive behavior interventions and supports, building students up and encouraging positive thoughts and actions. 

Our acronym for our behavior matrix is SOAR because we are mighty eagles soaring through the school!

S - Safety

O - Ownership

A - Always Kind

R - Respectful


Whispering Wind offers a strong foundation in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, which are essential building blocks for success in all areas of learning. In addition to these core subjects, the school also integrates Science, Social Studies, and Global Geography to provide a well-rounded and enriching curriculum. The Chinese-Mandarin program is a unique and exciting opportunity for all students to experience different cultures and languages. 

The commitment to providing a comprehensive education goes beyond academics. Whispering Wind values the importance of Fine Arts and Physical Education, which offer hands-on activities that integrate core knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. The goal is to create a well-rounded education that fosters personal character and growth.

Whispering Wind believes in the power of positive relationships and healthy thinking. It utilizes the All Things EQ curriculum to help students develop interpersonal skills and a positive self-image. This character education program transforms school culture and prepares students for academic success by instilling positive habits and attitudes.

School Info and Documents

School Colors: Black and Gold
School Mascot: Eagle

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