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Behavior Approach

We believe in a very systematic approach to discipline, providing every student the ability to change and learn from their behavior.  In that approach we put a heavy emphasis on utilizing and recognizing what students are already doing that is positive and continue to focus on that positive behavior.

The home/school partnership is a critical part to helping students who need continual support. We feel that although a young person may make some poor choices, it is important for us to frame those decisions as choices and guide that student to make a better choice in the future.

Character Development

At WWA, we utilize the All Things E.Q. (ATEQ) program which emphasizes developing the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) alongside the EQ or Emotional Quotient. This program creates a positive school wide culture that can be seen, felt, and heard on campus. It assists our teachers in developing and maintaining a culture that encourages the full potential of all students and staff. Each week, teachers are given a motto to introduce by showing a short video to their students and posting it on their whiteboard.  It is then used as a common language on campus for that week. Parents/Guardians receive a weekly email explaining the weeks motto and supplemental resources they can use with their children. Examples of past weekly mottos are, "I am an important part of the team," "I don't need to brag because I am happy with myself," and "My words have meaning."

We have also provided every grade level with a Conflict Resolution Time Machine mat. These are stored in tubes anchored to the walls around our school. Students may invite another person to visit the Time Machine and open a discussion about a conflict. Students have been explicitly taught how to use the Time Machine, and new learning opportunities will continue to be offered. The Time Machine encourages the use of "I statements" and guides the students to advocate for what they need from the other person.

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support)

Whispering Wind Academy uses the PBIS initiative throughout our school. These school-wide systems of support include proactive strategies for defining teaching, and supporting appropriate student behavior to create a positive school environment. School-wide participation in noticing students’ positive and expected behavior is recognized by all staff through Silver Eagles and Golden Eagles and the classroom management system. Silver Eagles are awarded to one student in each class who are demonstrating the expected behavior not only in class but throughout the school. Golden Eagles are awarded to one student in each class monthly who demonstrate above and beyond behavior.  

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